Release info

Release date: 31-10-2022

Available for: BC SaaS. BC15, BC16, BC17, BC18, BC19, BC20, BC21 On-Premises.

Modules: Commerce 365 for Magento core, Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B module

Github download link: 

Github download link:

Permission set changed

Be aware that when updating to version 6.29590.0 of the B2B module, you should also update user permissions. With this release the permission set was upgraded to the newer format. Please look for: NC365B2B COMM. 365

Magento REST API data imports

From now on you can import a complete existing Magento catalogue. By using the direct connection the extension has via the Magento REST API, you can import attribute sets, groups, attributes and all related settings, categories, items and images. Around these new import functionalities we have also added many new event which can be used to further tailor the import processes. 

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Multi source inventory (MSI)

With this release we added full support for the Magento Multi Source Inventory (MSI) module. This opens up a whole new set of capabilities as each Business Central location can be marked and published as a location (source) in Magento. So, from now on you can display stock status/stock information per location/store/warehouse/etc. 

Locations can also be used as pickup points. For each location that gets enabled there will be a separate inventory calculation. When there are no locations enabled (the default setup) inventory calculations will behave exactly as in previous versions.

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More order(line) attributes

Until now the extension only supported the use of Amasty Order Attributes. This release adds functionality to import all custom extension attributes on both order and order line level. On order line level also the use of the additional_data property is supported. 

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Shipment methods

Instead of only being allowed to configure G/L accounts for shipping costs, you can now also specify other types. This way you can add a line of type item or service for shipping costs. 

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Improvements around cancelling and deleting orders

Improved error messages and the ability to delete sales orders for cancelled web orders. 

Archiving staging orders can now be done manually as well. 

New API methods

We have added many new API methods to retrieve item content, item attribute values, category information and image urls. A nice example of what you can do with all these item content methods is the creation of custom datafeeds based on your Commerce 365 for Magento data. 

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New events

Besides the events around the new import processes, we have added events around the synchronisation of sales documents (and lines). This makes it easier to add additional tracking links, payment links and other information. 

The events documentation section on our website has also been reworked. For more information see


Since this release both the request and response objects will be saved as part of the logging mechanism. 

Improved status messages. Instead of Parent not Synced you will now see Item not synced or Category not synced. 

Improved queueing of items when a mapped attribute has changed. 

Fixes and improvements

Sorting on Linked Items (Related, Cross Sell, Up Sell). 

Sales documents without lines and other invalid documents will no longer be synchronized. 

The setup card now has a new button which can be used to resync all catalog data. The B2B setup card has a similar button to resync all sales documents. 

Improved the placement of extension fields on sales document records.

Fixed an issue with the content-type of PDF documents in the B2B module causing some browsers to incorrectly render PDF files.

Magento extension updated

With this release we have also published a new version of the Magento extension. 

Several performance improvements have been made to the B2B pricing module. 

The module now also supports the Magento Special Price feature in combination with B2B pricing. To enable this, find the new option under B2B pricing within the configuration section. 

Sorting on BC attributes in the Magento admin customer grid has been fixed, and well as several minor other issues.
With this release PHP 8.1 is fully supported.

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