Update your API

We never heard why, but for some reason, Magento dropped a few APIs related to managing shipment and payment methods. We still have a few requests on Github pending, but in the meanwhile, we decided that we better write a bit of code ourselves. So, in order to sync shipment and payment methods, be sure to install the MagentoApiExtensions as part of your Commerce 365 Magento 2 extension. Click here for more details.

Synchronize shipment methods

Once your API is running fine, synchronizing is easy. Go to Sales > Shipment Methods and click Update Shipment Methods. After this, all shipment methods configured in Magento will appear in the list, and you can complete the configuration by selecting the right Sales Line Type and No. and the corresponding Business Central Shipment Method, Shipping Agent and Service Code.

Be sure to do this before you start to synchronize orders. Otherwise, you might bump into a message saying that you are using an unconfigured shipping method code.

With the Sales Line Type + No. fields you configure what type of sales line the extension will create when processing the incoming shipping costs.