Customers might have various addresses to which they want to receive their invoice on or have their orders shipped to. Therefore you want to manage those addresses from Business Central, this can be done on the Magento Customer card.

Managing Addresses

After creating a Magento account all existing Business Central addresses are added to the NC365 Address table. Adding a new address later on will trigger the same action. You see that all 3 addresses known are showing up in this table and are set as released. The checkbox synchronised will get marked if the customer record is synchronised to Magento.

The image above shows that the billing address on the customer card is now set as the default billing- and default shipping address. When you want to change this click "Manage > Edit" and enable the new address as billing- and/or shipping address. You will see the checkboxes in the list view change immediately.

In order for the address to synchronise to Magento properly, the following fields are mandatory.

First NameFirst name of the contact.
Last NameLast name of the contact.
AddressThis is the street name + the house number of the address.
Post CodeThis is the postal code of the address and should contain the right format.
CityThe city of where the address is located.

If the address does not contain at least the mandatory information then the address can't be released and therefore not synchronised to Magento.