Product images are crucial for selling your products online. Managing these images can be done in several ways. Go to the setup card (Administration > Setup) and you will see that there are 3 different options for storing your Media. 

Database, External and Azure Storage - File Share

Azure Storage - File Share (Larger Catalogs)

When you have a large catalog you are most likely to use our most advanced functionality for storing your images which is using an Azure Storage - File Share. Using this option enables you to use the Drag & Drop functionality on the Magento Item Card within Business Central and still store the image on your Azure Storage - File Share

In order to work with the Azure Storage - File Share functionality go to Administration > Setup and scroll down until you see the Media section. In the field Media Storage Type select ''Azure Storage - File Share''.

If you want to work this way, ask your IT department or IT partner to set up an Azure Storage - File Share and let them provide you with the Storage AccountFile Share Name and SAS Token.

When using Azure Storage - File Share you will indirectly also use the External Content URL field, but then in a different way. The Azure Storage is secure and not publicly available, therefore you need the credentials to acces. 

Once this is in place, you can enter the authentication credentials for this File Share on the Setup Card. And then you can synchronize the contents of the file share location with Business Central. This can be done by clicking Actions > Sync Azure Storage Images in the Setup.

When working with an Azure Storage you are able to use the Drag & Drop functionality on the Magento Item Card in Business Central. The image will be directly saved on your Azure Storage, therefore the storage type will immediately show Azure Storage - File Share.

Pro's of Using an Azure Storage - File Share:

- If you have an Azure Storage you can save your image in an external and secure database.

- You don't save your images in the Business Central database which prevents performance issues due to image storage. 

Con's of Using Azure Storage - File Share:

- The images are not automatically saved in a Business Central backup and you are responsible yourself to backup the Azure Storage.