Release info

Release date: 21-06-2023

Available for: BC SaaS. BC20, BC21, BC22 On-Premises.

Github download link:

Contact support

With this release we completed the support for creating sub accounts per contact. You can use this functionality to work with main account / sub account in Magento Open Source. 

Web item templates

Under Master Data > Item Templates you will now find the possibility to create templates that can be applied when converting standard items in to web item. If you specify only one, then that template will always be applied. If you specify multiple templates you will be presented a dialog that ask you which template you want to apply. This works similar to the item templates that can be used when creating normal BC items. 

Improved sales tax support

Sales Tax support for US systems was already in place, but with this release we made things more flexible by adding mapping functionality on the Master Data > Tax Classes page. 

Magento shipments

With this release we extended the NC365 Shipment Header and NC365 Shipment Line tables with possibilities for custom implementations. 

As part of this piece of development there now also is a NC365 Shipment API to make customizations or custom implementations as easy as possible.

Magento invoices

With this release we extended the NC365 Invoice Header and NC365 Invoice Line tables with possibilities for custom implementations. 

As part of this piece of development there now also is a NC365 Invoice API to make customizations or custom implementations as easy as possible.

Magento item variants - set all...

On the Magento item card, when working with variants, there are a few actions to apply certain settings to all variants at once. This now works only on the selected variants. 

Image role swatch, hover and disabled

We have not only added the swatch role, but also an optional hover role. Hover is not visible by default, but you can add it to the list via personalisation. Hover is not supported by default, but there are many extensions being used to implement this role. 

Staging order attributes

NC365 Staging Order Attribute is now public to allow for more customization. 

Forward slash (/) in SKU's

Until now we blocked the use of forward slashed in Item No.'s / SKU. But, with this release that is a thing of the past. The check has been removed and the use of the / char works just fine. 

Data imports

The software will skip setting web item statuses when a standard BC item is blocked. Previously this caused an error in the validation of the status field.

We improved handling of attribute option import. 

Empty option values are now ignored. 


OnBeforeSynchronizeQueueEntry replaces OnBeforeSyncQueueEntry and now has an additional SyncResult and Handled parameter. These can be used to handle or skip the synchronization of any queued entry. 

New events have been added around the data import processes. 

Fixes and improvements

  • Inventory calculation filter. You can now use more than 10 characters.
  • Opening Item Tracking Lines on a Posted Sales Invoice no longer results in an error. 
  • Improved switching Product Types. Switching from configurable to simple, no longer causes issues. 
  • Improved handling of Magento orders without shipping addresses. 
  • The maximum file size for images and documents is now 20MB. 
  • Notifications now support BC email scenarios.
  • Changing a Magento product name no longer updates meta data and URL key field when they already contain a value. 
  • Improved discount calculation in the sales line creation process. 
  • Ignore Sales Order Contact No. when empty. 
  • Under Master Data > Websites you can now specify whether new products are enabled for that website by default. 
  • Improved handling of line breaks in order attribute values. 
  • Customer Group API added to make working with customer groups programmatically as easy as possible. 
  • Shipment methods now contain a Locations field. Selecting a location will result in that location being used on the sales order. 
  • Store View > Sales Document Type is now limited to Quote, Order, Invoice. 


The documentation for the internal API codeunits has been updated.