Release info

Release date: 28 July 2022

Available for: BC SaaS. BC18, BC19, BC20 On-Premises. 

Modules: Commerce 365 for Magento core, Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B module

Github download link: 

Github download link:

Performance update

This update is mainly focussed at improving performance. In many areas we have made small changes to make the application faster. Where possible we have moved code to so-called page background tasks. Database requests have been optimized. And we have introduced additional technical internal features to better manage the synchronization workload.

Improved handling of updated mapped attribute values

Before, in some situations, there still were some triggers missing around item or item attribute changes. Mapped attributes that were pointing to these item fields or attributes, did not always update automatically. This is now solved.

Improved handling of quote and order publishing

In some situations the system might have tried to publish a sales quote or sales order (B2B module) while some essential data was still missing. This resulted in a synchronization error. With this release this issue has been resolved.