All Commerce 365 for Magento can be imported with the standard Business Central Rapid Start functionality. And, in most cases this works just fine. But for certain entities you want additional capabilities. 

For item data imports we created a module which allows you to import all possible item data with just one row per item in an Excel sheet. That one row can contain all standard fields like Name, Description, Product Type, Status, etc. But on the same row you can also use all attribute codes that exist within the attribute set for that specific item. 

To get started, first go to Administration > Data Imports. And click on Templates > Download Item Import Template

The Excel file you have just downloaded looks like this:

In the workbook has 2 sheets. The first one has one example item data row. The second contains some information and instructions. 

The example sheet has many columns, one for every standard field, and some example attribute values as well. You definitely don't have to use all these columns. A valid data import sheets only needs to have Item No. in column 1, and all the other columns are optional. A sheet with just 2 columns, item numbers and attribute set codes, is also a valid import file. 

After you have a created your desired import file, go to Process > Upload & Process .xlsx. Then select the file you want to import. A new pop will appear. Select Sheet 1 (items), and press Ok to process the import.  

Once finished you can click on the Import No. to open the detailed log that was produced. In this case you will see that we processed a file with a couple of rows (the iphones in the above screenshot). And it turns out that we have 2 issues. 

We are trying to use an attribute code WIFI which does not exist. And we are using 2 unknown item numbers. 

The data import will not stop when it runs into such issues, it will just produce a line in the detailed import log. All the other data will still be imported. After fixing the issues in the import file, you can simply process the file again.