Pulling new orders from Magento into Business Central depends on an order status per payment method, and you need to map your shipping methods/service.

Generally the ‘pay by invoice’ type of payment methods will only get to the very first order status named ‘pending’, and at that point you already want to pull them into your ERP system. But with the ‘pay in advance’ or ‘direct transfer’ kind of payment methods, you first want your customer to go from status pending to payment processing to payment authorized or something similar. In other words, in that case, you don’t want to import any orders which weren’t paid for.

Go to Sales > Payment Methods. If you don’t see these menu items, then first switch to the appropriate role. Here you can configure settings per payment method. The status code you provide in the column New Order Status Code, will be the status code that is used to import those orders in to Business Central.

The most common status for ‘pay by invoice’ payment methods is ‘pending’. The most common one for ‘direct transfer’ methods is ‘processing’.

Next step is to go to Sales > Shipping Methods. Here you have to tell Business Central which Magento Shipment Method maps to which Business Central Shipment Method, Agent and Service. You also have to provide a G/L Account for the shipping cost.

Last step in this process is to create a new order status in Magento called ‘erp_processing’, and go to Administration > Setup. Under Sales fill in the Order Processed Status Code ‘erp_processing’. This is the code Business Central will use to tell Magento ‘i’m now taking care of this order’.

Most common setup. Create new order status (code: erp_processing, label: Processing ERP Back Office) and assign it to state ‘Pending’.

For more help on creating Magento order statuses: https://www.mageplaza.com/kb/how-to-create-custom-order-status-magento-2.html 

When both payment methods and shipment methods have been configured you can go to Sales > Staging Orders, and click on ‘Get New Orders’ to import orders according to your setup. Of course, later on, in a production environment you can automate this setup by scheduling code unit 11260670 (NC365 Get New Sales Orders). This will automatically import new orders based on your schedule.