In the next chapters we will describe how you manage your online catalog with Commerce 365 for Magento.

Naturally, we will first start by looking at items, but quickly you’ll find that the chapter about attributes is equally important, because Magento is all about attributes. The primary fields on an item are Product Type and Attribute Set and this attribute set is what distinguishes bicycles from wooden furniture and strawberries.

Item List / Item Card

If you navigate to Content > Items for the first time, you will notice that you will see an empty list. Opposite to previous (NAV) versions we decided not to show all items in this ‘web item list’ by default. In this Business Central solution you now first have to mark items as web items before they are available for publication on the web. 

To do so, go to Items (the standard BC item list), open an item, and click on Create a new Magento Item.

After this, you will see a notification and a link that takes your straight to the web item you have just created. From now on you will also find this item under Content > Items, and you can start to work on the details that define how your items will look on the web. 

Bulk processing

If you want to mark multiple items at once, you can simply do so by selecting multiple items on the standard item list, and then click Process > Create Magento Item(s).  

Additional details 

When a web item is created, we will create a new record in the web item table. This new record is linked to the standard item by its key (the item number), and initially, we will copy only the value from the description field to the web item name field. From that point on you can start to alter all values and settings. Once changed, these web item names and descriptions will not be overwritten anymore. In the end, what gets sent to Magento, is a combination of standard item values + web item values.

In the next chapters you will find all detailed information on all fields on the web item page.

Standard item + Web item

As mentioned above, what is sent to Magento is combination of the standard item (table 27) and the Magento web item (table 11260673). Below is a the list of important fields from the standard item.

Net Weight
By default the Net Weight is used for the Weight field in Magento.
Gross Weight
On the web item card you can also switch to using the Gross Weight field.
VAT Product Posting Group
This field determines which Tax Class is applied in Magento. See Master Data > Tax Classes for more details.
Unit Price
This is the default price field. To apply a different price please see the General Setup Card or Master Data > Websites where you can apply price lists per website. For customer specific pricing see the B2B module.
Once a standard item is blocked, also the Status of the Magento item is set to Disabled.