Commerce 365 for Magento is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extension & integration service. Commerce 365 is developed from an ERP perspective, which means that it allows users to fully manage their Magento system directly from standard Business Central.

For you as a web developer or agency this makes that you never have to worry about anything related to the ERP data or ERP connectivity. This Business Cental extension takes care of all that. You can fully focus on developing the desired UX / front-end experience. 

Whether you want to use Magento as a headless platform for your PWA, or if you want completely overhaul the Magento system for some other reason, as long as the standard Magento REST API functions as it should, we are fine. 

CMS only

Commerce 365 users typically never logon to the Magento backend for everything related to items, customers, inventory, prices, sales orders, shipments, invoices, etc. Only in case a users wants to work on CMS pages, blogs or other content which is not ERP related they have to access the Magento backend.

Below is a screenshot of a Commerce 365 item card, which might help to illustrate the concept. 

Here is a screenshot of a single, Simple item. The extension also supports working with Grouped and Configurable items. 

Connect Magento with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

To connect Magento to Business Central all you have to do is create an integration in Magento. Enable the REST API if it is not enabled yet. And in Business Central run the Setup Wizard and fill in the REST API URL and Access Token

That’s it. The system will automatically validate your input, and if all is well, you should see a green status indicator that shows; Magento Connection: Available. Business Central is now connected to Magento, and will automatically download Websites, Store Views etc. 


As mentioned at the top of this page, you are free to install, configure and use Magento any way you like. Most extensions also do not affect the way our software works. But, if you are looking for an extension which does xyz, and you are wondering whether some of xyz can be integrated with our software, then see if you can find what you are looking for in the Amasty extension catalog. NVision is an Amasty partner, and we prefer to work with their extensions where possible. 

By default Commerce 365 already supports the extensions for Customer Attributes, Order Attributes, Custom Checkout Fields, and Product Attachments

Besides Amasty we have also worked with modules from Mageworx, Mirasvit, AheadWorks, Fooman and Black Bird. If you have a module which requires further integration with any of our products, and you are not sure whether it will work. Just contact

We have also worked with many of the popular payment and shipping provider modules. Usually these work perfectly well  together with our software. But again, if you have one which you are uncertain about, just send us an email.