Commerce 365 for Magento is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extension & integration service. Commerce 365 is developed from an ERP perspective, which means that the main thought behind all development is; customers use their Dynamics 365 Business Central system for alsmost everything, so for e-commerce, we should just extend that system with what is missing. In short; Commerce 365 adds everything that is missing from standard Business Central, and it takes care of all Magento integration.

No need to know Magento

For you as a Business Central / NAV implementation partner Commerce 365 means that you have a solid standardized set of features which allow you to deliver Magento integration without the need for in-depth Magento knowledge. If you know how to install an extension you are already quite well on your way. Of course there is an implementation project to be executed, but this can be done in multiple ways. Either you do the implementation. We can do it for you. Or we can do it together. Depending on how you want to act, we can form the appropriate partnership.

With Commerce 365 your customers can work together with their favourite web agency to build the best possible online shopping experiences.

Align your vertical solutions or customizations

If you maintain a vertical solution or if you have customers with customizations in their database, Commerce 365 has a set of flexible and easy to use functionalities to bring that vertical/custom data to the web. Additional or bespoke fields and tables can be mapped and reused with the attribute system. You can write custom code units for things like order processing and inventory calculation. And there is a set of internal API's and a huge list of events which give you an easy and safe way of interacting with our code without the need to understand the full data model.